Miley Cyrus, imaginea noii campanii umanitare M.A.C against AIDS



Dupa cum stim cu totii, bomba de energie Miley Cyrus si-a schimbat la 180 de grade imaginea dupa ce a incheiat colaborarea cu studiourile Disney si lansarea albumului Bangerz in 2013. Acesta a reprezentat doar inceputul celei de-a doua etape a carierei sale, orientate spre publicul adult, care intr-adevar a demarat cu un mare bang dupa single-ul Wrecking Ball, balada pop care a ajuns in timp record la 100 de milioane de vizualizari pe Vevo.  Pe langa muzica, Miley s-a ocupat intens si de colaborarea cu 39 de fundatii de caritate, activitate filantropica premiata si cu Global Action Youth Leadership Award in urma cu trei ani. Way to go, Miley. Iar acum…

Wham! Bam!


                    Miley Cyrus este gata sa creeze senzatie anul acesta ca noua imagine a campaniei VIVA GLAM a M.A.C Cosmetics. Superstarul a lansat in cadrul colectiei VIVA GLAM  doua produse ce cu siguranta vor  deveni must-have:  un ruj roz, super-sexy si un lipgloss perlat pentru a crea duo-ul perfect. Toti banii stransi din vanzarea acestui ruj si lipglass, sunt folositi pentru a ajuta femei, barbati si copii afectati de HIV si SIDA, prin intermediul fondului umanitar M.A.C AIDS FUND, ce are ca scop sa contribuie la cresterea calitatii vietii persoanelor afectate de HIV/SIDA. Preturile celor doua produse sunt: Lipstick Viva Glam 92 lei, Gloss 86 lei.

                   Cu aceasta ocazie, Miley a acordat un interviu in care vorbeste despre colaborarea cu M.A.C, si asumarea rolului dificil de a-i educa pe tineri cu privire la pericolul HIV si SIDA, despre conformism si curajul de a fi tu insuti si ce a determinat-o sa aleaga aceasta culoare speciala pentru cele doua produse care-i poarta, la propriu, semnatura. Cu siguranta, nu va fi o problema sa-l cititi in original …

PS: Am testat personal lipglass-ul Viva Glam in aceasta nuanta crazy hot pink si intr-adevar, arata de parca are in el mici fragmente dintr-un disco ball. Miroase a bomboane, iar aceste fragmente glam nu vor disparea prea curand de pe buzele tale! Nici denumirea de lipglass nu este aleasa doar pentru ca suna altfel –  gloss-ul are o stralucire de sticla, veti vedea 😉

                    Daca doriti – si ar fi minunat sa o faceti – sa sustineti aceasta campanie umanitara M.A.C, va rog sa share-uiti visualul campaniei Viva Glam de la finalul interviului, insotit de hashtag-urile #buyonelipstick si #saveonelife.


Scurt interviu cu

MILEY CYRUS, diva non-conformista

M.A.C  Viva Glam



  • So, Miley, how does it feel to be the new VIVA GLAM girl?


“I’m really excited, I think it’s really important for my fans to be able to see me doing something I love. And when you’re in a position that I am, it’s important to give back and find things that you are passionate about, so I’m so happy that M·A·C asked me.


  • How do you think your young fans will react to the VIVA GLAM campaign?


“I have the opportunity to teach my young fans about what VIVA GLAM represents, and to educate them about HIV/AIDS prevention and being safe. So many people are scared to talk to their kids about what’s important and if I can be the one that speaks up and educates young people, then I will.”


Viva Glam



  • How do you define your relationship with your fans?


“Any time I do an awards show, I thank my fans first because they’re the most important – without your fans, you’re really nothing! I couldn’t do something like this and be any help to anyone without my fans. It takes them going out and getting the VIVA GLAM lipstick and telling other people why I’m doing it. I don’t think people understand how personal our relationship is. I can drive past them and know who’s who, from Instagram and Twitter and all that.”


  • Why is it important to you to talk about sex and sexuality?


“At my shows, I say we love it when dudes kiss dudes and girls kiss girls. At last night’s show , I talked about how no one was doing it and then these younger guys started making out on our ‘kiss camera’. After they did it, all these other gay couples started making out. So I gave this little speech about how it took this young, brave couple to do that in front of this arena of thousands of people – I said, see how important it is that if one person is just themselves, then everyone around them feels freer to be themselves. I think a lot of kids listen to that and learn how to accept kids that aren’t just like them.”


  • Growing up, did you always have a really strong sense of who you are?


“The only thing harder than being a celebrity is being a student! I used to have the hardest time feeling good about myself physically. A lot of it started when I chopped my hair off and it was the first time I didn’t listen to anybody. Because for once, I said I didn’t care and I really didn’t care! And from that moment on, I decided that if I want my fans to be themselves, then I have to fully be myself all the time.”



  • M·A·C celebrates the individual, why do you think that’s a good fit for you?

“That is why I picked such loud colours, because I’m really loud! I think your hair, clothes and makeup is all a working art piece and you can do whatever you want. That’s why I was so particular and annoying about this shade of pink. It had to be the one that was the most ME. Lipstick makes women and guys feel cool and fabulous and glamorous. They connect to the colour and to you and what you stand for, and it’s all going to a really amazing cause.”



  • Why is it important to raise money for the fight against HIV/AIDS?


“Part of this is education. And helping people that need support. But it’s also about how to prevent this. And I think my fans are so young that it’s important they think about this kind of stuff, and maybe if it comes from me it’s less embarrassing than talking to friends or parents.”


  • What are you most excited for with this VIVA GLAM?


“My fans are going to freak out! What’s fun about lipstick is that if you have the right colour, you don’t really need anything else. That’s what I do, I don’t put much makeup on but I put on some crazy lipstick because it makes you feel good but it also doesn’t cover up who you are.



  • Why do you think it’s important to try and push a slightly different idea of beauty than the standardized one we see today?


“I just think I can’t look like everybody else. When something gets popular, that’s when I distance myself from it – I hate blending in and feeling regular. That’s what I always tell my fans too, half of them come to my shows in hot dog costumes and stuff – I’m telling them not to care or be the typical ‘sexy’.”

  *My Lipglass


  • How can your fans get involved and support this?


“My fans are the best so I know they’re going to rush to M·A·C straight away and get those colours, especially since it’s so important that they get involved and help out. I think it’s important that they know 100% of the proceeds go to the M·A·C AIDS Fund and the fight against HIV/AIDS, and that they’re not just buying a lipstick from me. I’m super honoured to be able to help M·A·C in this tremendous way. I know my fans are going to be excited. And they love a good challenge, so I know they will try to make this the best VIVA GLAM ever.”


  • Tell us about your lipstick.


“I wanted to create this hot pink shade, a shade that is very disco, cyber and almost alien-inspired.  After the lipstick shade was decided, we developed the lipglass by almost chopping up a bunch of discoballs and mixing with the shade of my VIVA GLAM lipstick.”



#buyonelipstick  #saveonelife

With anticipation,


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