Moving simplicity: Givenchy SS 2016

GUCCI spring summer 2016


A ‘marriage of opposites’

is how this collection was described simply by Riccardo Tisci.

Apart from the obvious black/white full contrast, what I feel is the most appealing

about these gorgeous dual ensembles is the fact that you can almost feel the fabrics.

The fragility of lace softly clashing the tailored satin, twill and grain de poudre wool thread.

The jacquard and the embroidered satin fill in the same role as the lace,

while the filigree insertions take over the skin of the neck and face, as well.

The the essence and infinite delicacy of a white-ivoire negligee brought into the daylight, matched with trousers and vests,

accompanied by kimono-robe jackets –

 the greatest asset of this collection of elegant, true nonchalance.

Those present at the show had the privilege of enjoying a performance by Marina Abramovic, whose reported

message seemed to be Stop! Slow down and feel something!

So, slow down and try to feel something of what this 90’s inspired collection

– that I absolutely adore – has tried to convey so sweetly.

Or the fabrics, if nothing else.



GUCCI spring summer 2016
GUCCI spring summer 2016

Face decoration, the ultimate, yet bizarre, sophistication




With anticipation,



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