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The Kaftan – kimono extravaganza

Vogue Italy Kaftan

Vogue Italy , 1970

Kaftans Collage
Cavalli, Etro, Polka Dot Cat

The kaftan- kimono summer extravaganza is a promising title for a special that revolves around an item that has been fascinating people for decades and even more so. Its oriental origin accounts for the looseness of lines and the feeling that you’ve somewhat become the queen of Sheba, bringing king Solomon precious gifts. The gifts of beauty and sensuality, that is.

The kaftan – kimono duo is a stylish choice for followers of the bohemian style that has come to embrace all the hippie inspired pieces that ruled over the last summer seasons, and the kimono just plays its understudy. Kaftans originated in Persia around 600 BC as the coat of royalty and their extremely colorful fabrics, richly ornate and liberated design account for its being around ever since.

In the late 1960s, Emilio Pucci’s psychedelic printed kaftans made a big splash, together with  their matching accessories, such as turbans and beaded caps, paired with chunky golden accessories. The kaftan Romy Schneider wore in  The Swimming Pool, where she starred alongside ex-husband Alain Delon, remained just that iconic look that still inspires the seekers of summer ‘extravaganzas’. There is, of course, the famous scene in which Romy’s suitor slides his hand through the back of her kaftan-dress, much to everyone’s surprise – but don’t let me spoil it for you.


la piscine

 Romy Schneider in La Piscine

Emilio Pucci Kaftan


'Emilio Pucci says: Mesmerize the Sheik'


Pucci flamboyance in incandescent hues


1975 Kaftan1975, minimal edge 

Designers have currently chosen the one piece kaftan that resembles a dress, but the center parted one has a bigger potential of being styled in various ways, obviously. The jacket kaftan is my favorite type, due to the possibility of clash-matching it with various combos that belong to  quintessentially different style areas, and the result might not be very elegant, but it sure is fun. The evening gown – kaftan fusion definitely has a flair of its own.


Camilla Frank, Naeem Khan, Chanel Resort






Center: Stella Jean, Creole heritage



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